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American Indian Policy Institute Center for Tribal Digital Sovereignty Logo

American Indian Policy Institute Center for Tribal Digital Sovereignty

The American Indian Policy Institute is home to the newly formed Center for Tribal Digital Sovereignty, formed in partnership with the National Congress of American Indians. This Center is the first and only one in the nation dedicated to helping tribal governments, leadership, and communities understand the complexities of digital sovereignty. It provides access to resources and serves as a clearinghouse for tribal digital sovereignty. The center works towards the following goals and concepts: scholarship, capacity building, policy research and advocacy, and forming a coalition of organizations that work together to support tribes.

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Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC)

The Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC) is a non-profit organization of business, government, academic, and other relevant participants that provides expertise to effectively guide telecommunications and digital technology policy development and deployment in the state of Arizona and serves as a leading source of expertise on broadband technology matters.

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CORI - Broadband Map Thumbnail

CORI - Interactive Rural Broadband Service Map

This map from The Center on Rural Innovation (CORI) allows potential BEAD applicants to explore eligible project areas, view project areas funded by previous federal grants, and easily see existing ISP footprints in potential deployment areas. The tool is designed to support efficient initial assessments of eligibility by census block, and the creation of a high-level grant strategy based on that eligibility.

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Community Broadband Networks, A Project of ILSR

The Community Broadband Networks (CBN) initiative is a program of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a national research and advocacy nonprofit focused on fighting corporate control and building an American economy driven by local priorities. CBN works with a diverse group of allies, partners, and local communities on policies to improve local Internet access. We also research and document what communities around the country are doing to improve access to high-quality broadband networks.

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Arizona Community Foundation Logo

Arizona Community Foundation

The Arizona Community Foundation supports various community initiatives, including funding programs related to digital inclusion, workforce development, and telehealth. They provide resources and grants to organizations working towards community development and empowerment.

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Rural Arizona Development Council

Rural Arizona Development Council

The Rural Arizona Development Council supports rural development initiatives and addresses the unique challenges faced by rural communities in Arizona. They promote economic growth, community development, and the well-being of rural residents.

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ASU Logo

Arizona State University

Arizona State University works to advance digital equity in Arizona. The university offers a range of programs including workforce development, financial and digital literacy, disability services, career services, and research initiatives related to technology and innovation. ASU’s robust community outreach programs, research collaborations, and innovative partnerships, seek to address the barriers faced by underserved communities including challenges related to accessing and utilizing technologies.

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Arizona Department of Education Digital Learning

Arizona Department of Education

The Arizona Department of Education promotes digital literacy and offers resources to educators and students to enhance technology integration in schools. Their initiatives aim to equip students with the necessary digital skills for academic success and future workforce readiness.

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Department of Education Logo

Arizona Broadband for Education Initiative

The Erate “Special Construction” projects enable educators to dramatically enhance their professional development capabilities and communities will be transformed by the cultural and economic benefits of simply being connected to the Internet.

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